What If Your Brand Was A Halloween Costume?

You know how much fun it is to dress up for Halloween. You can be anything your imagination can create, whether it’s a princess, superhero, zombie or whatever else you want to be! But what if your brand was a Halloween costume?

When you think of your brand, what comes to mind? A logo? A slogan? A color scheme?

What if we took your brand and turned it into a Halloween costume? What would that be like? Would it look the same as what you’re imagining now, or would it be something different entirely?

A brand is so much more than just a logo or a tagline. It has personality and soul, and people respond to this when they recognize their own values in yours. This is why brands are so important; they create meaning for us by connecting us with the feelings and ideas they evoke in us (and hopefully not just at Halloween).

Halloween Costumes featuring fast food mascots. Credit: Michael Thompson

When you dress up for Halloween, think about the elements that you choose to make up your costume. These elements help others understand who you are (or who you want to be seen as) — whether it’s a zombie, pirate, vampire, or whatever it may be.

The costume analogy can help you really hone in on the key elements of your brand marketing strategy – and ultimately how you want to show up in the marketplace. It’s a good way to think about your brand as a whole, but it also gives you an opportunity to identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Start by identifying the elements of your brand costume. You don’t have to overthink this part. Just jot down the first pieces that come to mind (don’t worry about quality or order just yet). Think about all of the ways you communicate with others – even those outside of your industry – this includes things like your website, brochures, email signature, social media profiles and more.

Next, consider how each one builds upon or supports another aspect of your brand identity and what it communicates about who you are or what values matter most to you as a person and professional?

Your brand is what you want it to be. It’s a costume that you can change or create, depending on your mood and the occasion. Think about how your brand would dress up for Halloween, and maybe use that as inspiration!

Remember that you’re in charge of how people perceive your brand—and all they need is an image or experience to form their opinion of it. Keep this in mind when designing new products, or launching new campaigns. 

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