Team Offsites That Don’t Suck

It’s that time of year again! Yalo is hitting the road this week for our our annual fall offsite. Since our team is spread out, it’s always a good chance for some overdue team bonding, as well as reviewing wins and and losses for the year and getting pumped up for what we’ll do next. We typically take a road trip to somewhere outside Atlanta and do something like cozy up in a cabin, but this year, we’re mixing it up and going to New Orleans. I firmly believe a change of scenery is one of the keys to sparking fresh thinking. And while we will be looking at PowerPoints in a conference room for some of the time, we also have a lot of fun activities planned that will get us exploring the city’s unique cultue, world-renowned food and famed watering holes. The couple days always ends up being a really good balance between work and play that benefits us each individually and Yalo as a whole — and it’s never boring. 

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