One Margarita, Two Margarita, Three Margarita Floor

It’s time to get out your shaker and start practicing the art of margarita making. Cinco de Mayo is upon us once again. Making the perfect margarita is easier than you think. I don’t know that I would call myself a connoisseur of the Margarita, but I definitely have enjoyed the many different styles and varieties. They come in many different options – frozen or on the rocks, salt or no salt – and an almost infinite number of recipes and flavors: Cadillac, Texas, Strawberry, you name it. No matter the style or flavor, they are always cold, refreshing, and are best enjoyed in a pitcher, shared amongst friends.

I can think back to a few Margaritas that I have had that really made a lasting impression.  I spent the first few years of my career in Tampa, and we spent most of our weekends at a motel to condo conversion called the “Sea Rocket” right on the beach. That’s where my friend Jay introduced us to his “Grandma Brockenborough’s Margarita”. The recipe was simple: 1 can of limeade, 1 can of Tequila, ½ can of Triple Sec topped with ice in a blender. I can hear the ice crushing as I write this. The sides of the plastic cups frosted over almost immediately and those Margaritas kept us cool in the hot Florida sun while we enjoyed the beach and several epic shuffleboard tournaments. 

Several years later, I resurrected this recipe when I was bequeathed a Daiquiri Whacker, a gas powered blender complete with the throttle on the attached set of motorcycle handlebars. I made more friends at parties and tailgates with those Margaritas and the DW. It was a literal ice breaker, and everywhere it went, it always drew a crowd.  

Since those days I’ve gravitated to the rocks variety. I still prefer the combination of Tequila, lime juice, and Grand Marnier or Triple Sec. I just add a little agave nectar and club soda to complete the concoction. 

As we head into backyard cookout and garden party season, I’ll be there with a pitcher of Margaritas for everyone to share.

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