Maple Grove Case Study

A new look and feel for a classic taste

B&G Foods has more than 50 brands of household-name packaged and canned foods, including several maple syrup brands. They wanted a redesigned website for Maple Grove Farms Maple Syrup to support the new packaging’s look and feel that incorporated the new watercolor logo and labels depicting the original Maple Grove Farm in Vermont. 

A storybook syrup 

Working closely with the Maple Grove Farms brand manager and B&G Foods Ecommerce Team, Yalo leveraged the new motif into a storybook look and feel with animation for the new branding. The design was incorporated into all the product pages, recipes, history of the brand, sustainability, museum page, and a store locator for consumers. 

Results so good you can taste it

See for yourself at the Maple Grove Farms website.

Yalo delivered design wireframes, built out the Maple Grove Farms Maple Syrup site on WordPress CMS, and tested and deployed the new site on time and on budget. In the end, Yalo designed and created more than 70 total pages that elevated the brand site to reflect B&G Foods’ wishes to present a high-quality product and polished, cohesive brand site. Our UI/UX designers and creative team outdid themselves on this sweet website project and we’re delighted at the tasty results. Pancakes, please?

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