Jackson EMC Video

The Challenge

JEMCO News hits Jackson EMC members’ mailboxes and inboxes each month with fresh ideas on how to conserve electricity, stories about co-op initiatives and more. They were looking for a more engaging way to share a few feature stories with their online audience.

Our Solution

Yalo is developing a series of videos to help bring JEMCO News feature stories to life in fun, shareable, bite-sized pieces. For each, we have taken the graphics and imagery from the print articles and animated them, adding a soundtrack and additional footage where necessary to better tell the stories in this format.

Catalog of Hits

In addition to giving Jackson EMC a more engaging, in-the-moment way to share their stories, we are helping them build a content library that can be used and re-used across multiple channels. One of these videos already has received NRECA Gold Award for most innovative use of digital communications.

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