Got VR?

A couple of months ago, Yalo put on our annual little shindig down in Austin, TX. As always, the tunage was killer! We had Big Thief, The Yawpers, Little Hurricane and Chris Stalcup & the Grange rocking the stage at Bat Bar. This year though, we were super pumped to kick it up a notch and have HTC ViveASUS and Skullcandy join in on the fun. 

Our guests could slap on the Vive VR headsets and become transported into Google’s Tilt Brush universe. It was fun to watch so many people trying VR for the first time and hearing their reactions. High-end VR offers a truly immersive and memorable experience. It’s an experience that your brand might want to seriously consider, perhaps for its next trade show or conference presence. Think of the possibilities that VR will give you in helping to tell your brand’s story, showcase its products/services or simply draw a crowd at your booth.

Ok, so maybe the setup and costs for high-end VR are turning you off at this stage of the game. Fear not because solid, mid-range VR is coming in 2017! Microsoft along with several partners like HP and Acer have announced a more setup and budget friendly version of Windows 10 based VR headsets and controllers, which will be available this Fall. And don’t look now, but at Google I/O 2017, it was just announced that Google will team up with Vive to create standalone VR on Google’s Daydream platform. That’s right, no phone or PC required! Things are really starting to get interesting in the VR space. 

Although, if you are looking for a bit of a different approach to VR then you should take a look at what Intel and the PGA Tour did this past weekend. Along with Twitter and THE PLAYERS Championship, Intel and the PGA Tour offered a live, VR viewable, 360 video stream of the world famous 17th hole island green at TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course. Chances are, you won’t be able to afford the same rig/setup that Intel brought down to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL but hey, you might consider Samsung’s soon to be released version of their Gear 360 camera. This bad boy will allow you to record 360 VR video in 4k, broadcast live to Facebook or YouTube and give your audience the options to view the footage in VR, on their smartphones or online!

360 video is probably the easiest way to expose your brand to VR, offering your audience a new, entertaining and memorable brand experience.  You can even customize some Google Cardboard VR units with your logo and have yourself a branded, fully immersive 360 VR activation at your next event. 

So…got VR? If not, it’s time to throw some VR into your marketing mix! And no matter if it’s 360 VR video, high-end, mid-range, or entry level VR, Yalo can assist your brand in creating customized experiences with soul! Hit us up to learn more. Also, Yalo now offers Virtual Events like virtual trade shows and more. 

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