Get a Better Return on Your Trade Show Investment

Many companies struggle to quantify the value of their trade show or conference investments, yet they continue to spend year after year. Everyone hopes that conferences will bolster their demand generation efforts, building brand awareness and gaining some new leads. Unfortunately, most come up short in this area. Their interactions with prospects aren’t memorable, and the quality of new leads who were trolling the exhibition floor is often questionable.

Some trade show investments are motivated by fear of not being there while their existing customers meet new potential partners. There’s merit to this argument, and customer interactions in a trade show setting can be extremely valuable. If strengthening existing relationships and staying top-of-mind with customers are real (valuable) objectives, then they shouldn’t be afterthoughts. 

At Yalo, we help our clients get a better return from their trade show and conference investments by creating memorable experiences that break through the clutter. We provide a complete, end-to-end marketing solution for events that starts with our team ideating experiences that are truly unique. To promote the experiences, we develop a comprehensive communications plan that grabs attention. If you want to generate demand, don’t send another email that says “Stop by Booth #1616 at ELA in Orlando” and don’t invite prospects to another boring 3-hour steak dinner. Instead, create a memorable experience that will have a lasting brand impression. Host a private dinner event at Frank Sinatra’s estate. Give your guests the chance to view Saturn through a high-powered telescope. Interrupt dinner with a surprise performance by a Prince impersonator or a family of fire dancers.

Make every aspect of the trade show experience work for your brand. Every interaction should be memorable: pre-show communications and social posts; booth design and tchotchkes; private events and experiences; post-show follow-ups and content marketing efforts. Stand out from the crowd, and get the most from your trade show investment. At the very least, make a lasting brand impression that converts ice-cold prospects to lukewarm leads.

And, please stop by to see us at Booth #1263E at Inn-Oh-Vate in Grand Rapids in January 2019. (Just kidding.)

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