Feels Like the First Time

Our lives are filled with a number of memorable firsts. A first kiss. The first car we drove. Even that first not-so-great job. 

But for me, one of the biggest firsts in my life was also the loudest. That very, first-ever, live concert. When I think on it, the sensory overload comes back. I can feel the sting of the lights on my face and remember how surreal it was to see 311 in the flesh. I can hear the plucking of the guitars, the aggressive pounding on the drums and the screams uniting everyone around me. While I can’t show you all those details, because smart phones weren’t a thing back then, I can feel them in my brain.   

Music is a universal language. It connects people from all walks of life. It’s one of many reasons why Yalo infuses inspiration from music into our creative brief process. We want our clients to tap into all of those senses to create experiences with their brand that are just as tangible. Whether we create them online or bring them to life via offline channels, we think through ways to make each interaction memorable.

Where curiosity killed the cat, it breathes new life into brands. Like a new song from your favorite band or an introduction to a group you’ve never heard before, we want to build something that leaves people wanting to hear more.  

This creative approach is at heart of Yalo’s new Concert Benefits Program. Our tribe actually gets reimbursed to rock out to live music. Buy a ticket, take in the show and share it on Yalo social channels. The premise is quite simple, but the impact is life altering—literally. According to a recent Newsweek article, going to concerts can actually help you live longer.

With the program debuting in January, Yalo team members have attended live concerts for the Eagles, Yacht Rock, Surfaces, and booked more than 10 shows for a range of bands. Follow us to see where we are heading next. Better yet, grab your favorite crew and book your next concert.

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