Don’t Let Your Messages Get Lost In the Mail

It was an unforgettable year. A sentiment lost on no one, especially those in the financial services industry. So when Credigy, a global specialty finance company, tapped us to help with the end-of-year mailer for their partners, we knew it had to balance the tumultuous year of COVID-19 without focusing on the past. People, our clients included, were looking forward to a fresh start. 

Not only did the gift in our mailer need to be unique and engaging, but we faced logistical issues of longer lead times for product and shipping, as well as recipients who were working remotely. As Credigy worked to track down home addresses, Yalo worked with them to cycle through ideas, lock in the appropriate gift and design a customized mailer around it. 

We started early—real early. Ideation began in September with final designs and product and packaging orders being placed mid-October. We landed, pun intended, on a smart-controlled remote paper airplane. It was light-hearted and unique, but also reinforced the message of Credigy going alongside its partners during their journey.

A socially-distanced packing party was conducted the week after Thanksgiving. Each box also contained a hand-written card from an individual on the Credigy Investment team. All 80 mailers shipped the first week of December across 40+ cities coast-to-coast with some as far as Canada. 

Not only did these mailers arrive well before the holiday crunch, but they received high praise for such a creative and memorable gift that could be used by adults—and their kids. Positive reaction and increased inbound traffic has rolled well into 2021 as a result of these mailers. 

From atmospheric Marketing Communications to jet-streamed creative designs and out-of-the-box concepts, Yalo delivers for our customers time and again. How can we help your next effort to be the success it deserves to be? Let’s talk!

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