Creeping The Holiday Spirit Alive!

You always know that spooky season is around the corner when the big brands start to get involved. When TV spots start to get autumnal, something wicked this way comes!

Here are 5 Fangtastic ads to keep you inspired this holiday season:

  1. McDonald’s

If you’re a horror fan, then you’ve got absolutely no choice but to stan these incredibly genius McDonald’s ads featuring everyone’s favorite holiday.

2. Skittles

Skittles ‘House that Trick or Treats You’ aims to bring the magic of Halloween back to those that can’t trick or treat. Functioning as a mobile house, the ‘Skittles House that Trick or Treats You’ activation travels to your front door to deliver candy.

3. M&Ms

Ghosted: This year, M&Ms wanted to create a new spot to continue the excitement around Halloween and surprise fans in a colorful new way that brings humor to one of the scariest nights of the year by sharing a comedic, M&M’s take on the classic ghost story.

4. Guinness

A rare full moon brought a treat to the skies for Halloween.

5. Geico

When you’re in a horror movie, you might make poor decisions. Let’s hide behind the chainsaws – said no one ever.

Need to scare up some ideas for your brand this Halloween? You can Count on the Guys and Gouls at Yalo! 👻 Reach us here – Boo-yah!

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