Creating Experiences that Delight & Deliver

When it comes to great digital experiences, details matter. To build the right one for your audience, you need to understand what they need, what they value and what will get them excited. Are they looking to get in, get their info and get out? Are they just browsing and easily wooed by interesting content, offers or eye candy? Are there specific tasks they want to complete or do they engage purely for entertainment and fun? There are a lot of parts and pieces that can combine to make an experience that will resonate with your audience because it provides something valuable to them. Peter Moreville’s UX Honeycomb is one of the best-established ways way to break down the most important factors to consider. Is your experience . . .

Useful? Your content and/or services your experience provides should be original and fulfill a need.

Usable? Your experience must be easy to use.

Desirable? Image, identity, brand and other design elements are used to evoke emotion and appreciation.

Findable? Content needs to be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite.

Accessible? Content needs to be accessible across screens and to people with disabilities.

Credible? Users must trust and believe what you tell them.

Okay, great. But how do you get there? Long story short, get inside your users’ heads before you do anyting else.

Yalo recently helped GenomOncology do just that, as we began the process of developing a new website for this healthcare technology client. This is part of the process our UX team typically uses to ensure we are delivering a valuable experience for your specific audience(s).


We interviewed constituents from three of our client’s most important audiences: Community Oncologists, Academic Oncologists and Bioinformatics Professionals. Then we developed detailed personas for those users, detailing not just general demographic and information about their roles and responsibilities, but also attributes like their pain points, goals and success factors that could help us to create an experience that doesn’t just meet our client’s goals, but truly gives their multiple audiences and experience that sings.


Everybody loves pretty pictures, but before anybody on the design team ever opens Photoshop, it’s critical to map out the experience without the distractions of photography and fonts. Based on our personas, we worked closely with our clients, to ideate on the best ways of surfacing information and cues quickly so that our three audiences would know there was something there for them and could get to it quickly. In this case, homepage modules speaking directly to each audience were the answer we finally arrived at, along with a homepage hierarchy that follows the priorities of our audiences and surfaces the most important parts of the GenomOncology story.


Throughout the site, we developed eSpots and cross-linking to surface additional relevant content at the right times and help users move from one piece of GenomOncology’s story to other relevant ones. We also made contacting our client easy at every turn. Additionally, photography and copy guidelines helped our client elegantly straddle the line between healthcare and tech, be relatable to their audiences and stand out from the competition while doing it.

While we can’t share the artifacts from this part of the process, we can share some of the creative work that resulted and note that the new site will be launching soon! Our approach is similar for any client in any industry. So, could your UX stand to get turned up a notch or two?

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