Yalo Power for 2018

The Yalo Tribe this year once again congregated for a rockin’ 2.5 days of idea-storming, creativity, planning…oh and a good dose of good ole’ fashioned comradery and fun. There is nothing more invigorating than when the Tribe rallies and jams. The result is an inspired Tribe riffing off of each other’s ideas, challenging each other and ultimately raising the bar for new ideas. We don’t get to do this very often because of the geographic diversity of our team, so when we do all get together, it’s like a Motley Crue reunion tour.

This year had an added dimension of excitement to it because it was also Yalo’s 5 year anniversary. Something we are very proud of. Coupling our anniversary with our recent TAG Agency of the Year award, and we are over-amped about 2018 and all the great things to accomplish ahead.

So in the spirit of also getting our clients over-amped for 2018, we did something new this year in preparation for the holidays, which we have dubbed Yalodays. We re-created the Speed Dating scenario to get the creative juices flowing for our clients. And instead of giving gift cards or some other gift lacking soul that they won’t remember or use, we used Speed Dating as a structure for every Tribe member to contribute ideas in a “rapid, in the moment, try to impress me” kind of way. The idea was to ideate a Yaloday gift that would be simple, impactful and memorable without just buying tickets to a basketball game (as an example of ‘lacking soul’). We did this for 24 clients and prospects with each client receiving 6 ideas, and the results were fantastic. I got to tell you, the Tribe was on top of its game. The ideas ranged from a deconstructed ice sculpture (think water for a water company) to video clips of our kids trying to describe what our clients do to even a t-shirt with toilet paper on it (a client is in the facilities business). It was an incredible 2 hour session, and one of the best activities we have ever done together.

We left that session and took our excited neurons into the evening where we proceeded to laugh heartily together, discuss our future together, and rack up a tab that was as long as my arm. Ouch! Although it was not as bad as Rob Gronkowski’s

Nonetheless, it is all well-deserved for a great Tribe that has a lot of wind at its back and a clear vision of our future.

Stay tuned for samples of the Yaloday gifts on our social feeds over the next 2 weeks. We hope you enjoy them.

Happy Yalodays!

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