The Challenge

This leading global water technology company’s corporate global web properties were product focused and didn’t tell the complete story of how Xylem solves water, which includes a focus on social and environmental responsibility. This product content satisfied the needs for corporate and investor communities, but the environmental constituents, media and other important audiences were not getting the information they needed. Xylem sought to showcase its thought leadership and gain new exposure through content marketing and needed help making a splash in this new endeavor.

Our Solution

We created an easily-accessible, centralized destination for all of Xylem’s latest news, blog content, whitepapers, case studies and other publications that speak to the brand, the company’s value in the global economy, its innovation and sustainability efforts and the impact its work can have on the environment. This content hub, The Reservoir, targets visitors including new prospects who are interested in doing business with companies that offer a great brand story, as well as environmentalists, media, analysts, investors and suppliers. The Reservoir was developed separately from Xylem.com, then seamlessly incorporated into the site.

Climbing the Charts

This well-designed and optimized content hub is poised to increase brand awareness, time spent on the website and overall engagement with a company’s brand. The expectation is that it will better engage visitors than a typical blog, resource center or newsroom, tying together disparate content into a more cohesive and entertaining presentation with more context, control and analytics. The Reservoir can be used to improve campaigns, lead generation and lead nurturing, while maximizing the value of branded content.

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