Work Teaser: One Billboard Outside St. Joseph, Missouri

With all the recent buzz around Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and its Golden Globes Best Drama win, plus Oscar wins for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, it seemed like a relevant time to tell our own little story about a billboard in Missouri — hopefully one with a more conclusive ending.

Yalo has spent the last few months working with the United States Air Force Reserve’s 139th Airlift Wing in St. Joseph to develop a campaign to bolster the unit’s local recruiting efforts. Sure, the unit flies planes, but that’s nowhere close to all they do — it’s much bigger than that. Recruits can learn skills and gain experience in over 200 careers while serving their community and country. Our job is to let them know that joining The 139th lets them be part of that something bigger.

Our team has developed bold, simple messaging meant to appeal to young residents looking for their next career move. A mix of imagery that both inspires and shows recruits what they can expect on the day-to-day completes the picture. And a brand badge used on all campaign components makes the work instantly recognizable. As the school year ends and young adults not going off to college start to think more about what they’ll do next, The 139th will be rolling out Yalo’s marketing materials as part of their recruiting efforts. Watch this space to see all the work soon. And if you happen to be in St. Joseph later this spring and summer, don’t be surprised if you run into TV, radio and newspaper ads, brochures, t-shirts, thermal cups, stickers, social media posts . . . and, yes, one big, beautiful billboard.

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