Marketing Assessment

The Challenge

The $1.5B Facility Solutions segment of Veritiv Corporation was engaged in numerous marketing activities, but did not have a well-defined picture of its audience, a broad view of all its ongoing marketing efforts or any way to measure success. Yalo helped them put all the puzzle pieces in place with an assessment of their marketing operations and overall campaign effectiveness.

Our Solution

Yalo provided persona and content reviews, campaign planning and execution and overall marketing analytics. We analyzed and audited the most utilized content in a library of over 500 unique assets. Then, we generated 4 new marketing personas for the business segment, as well as content calendar planning and execution tactics that can be applied moving forward.

Climbing the Charts

The personas we developed are actively being used by the business segment and our calendar planning and execution tactics were so valuable that they have been adopted by other larger business segments across Veritiv.

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