Tiger Pistol Expands Operations to NE Ohio

As the nation clamped down with stay-at-home orders and started spending more of their lives online, Tiger Pistol, the world’s #1 Social Advertising Automation Platform for Local, saw the opportunity to expand its operations and capabilities outside of its headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

While in the process of repositioning its offerings and considering locations throughout the Midwest, Tiger Pistol leveraged the expertise of Cleveland marketing agency, Digital Yalo, to help them determine how to best highlight their capabilities and strengths in order to target the right kind of customers and accelerate growth. In May, Digital Yalo delivered a new website that eliminates superfluous bells and whistles, quickly gets visitors to the info that speaks to them, and makes the value of the company’s unique offerings crystal clear.

In many ways, Tiger Pistol represents a bright, optimistic side of the COVID-19 crisis, which has seen millions of employees lose their jobs, restaurants, and shops close their doors, and companies file for bankruptcy. With their expansion in Northeast Ohio, Tiger Pistol will be able to not only provide at least 25 new jobs in Cleveland but also accelerate their innovation roadmap for tools to help global brands, agencies, and resellers capitalize on the benefits of Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

As Tiger Pistol CEO Paul Elliot emphasizes, “Cleveland’s world-class marketing and technology talent and their amazing work ethic is a competitive advantage when building and scaling a business. Our Cleveland expansion will help further strengthen our social advertising offering, which is already the dominant solution for multi-location marketers.” 

The new office proves that success is possible during this uncertain time. Companies that pivot operations, and invest in new technologies and markets are able to not only survive but thrive. 

If Tiger Pistol’s courage and vision makes sense to you, we’d love to have a conversation. Yalo is a Cleveland marketing & design agency that also operates in Atlanta, Georgia. Motivated by Film, Art, Sports & Music, we use our creative and managerial talents to assist our clients with everything from virtual events and design system managers to experiential marketing and branding strategies that help you to shine. Our team wants to meet you – reach out to us and let’s make something special happen for your business this year.

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