The Impact Of Putting In A Good Word

Everyone is inundated with and providing ever growing quantities of structured and unstructured data. The opportunity is getting relevant information from this tsunami data. Information yielding resulting in strategies that create operational improvements, increase business value and a sustainable competitive advantage. Sentiment analysis identifies opportunities across industries.

At Yalo we have created a thoughtful method to sentiment analysis for our social media messaging. This has supported achieving the following analytics’ metrics performance:

  • Linkedin followers have increased 125% in 12 months
  • 40% increase in impressions
  • Engagement rate yielding a 30% increase in website traffic year-over-year
  • 7X daily traffic improvement

A  sentiment analysis engine and a lexicon modeled for our industry enabled managing our social messaging at the word level. Yielding the following sentiment analysis results:

  • Virtual elimination of negative sentiment scores for our social media posts
  • Average positive score for posts increased by 20%
  • Maximum score on a post increased by over 40%
  • Positive sentiment word choice is approaching 75%

The bottom line, Words Make the Difference

How much social media success (contacts to customer) attributed to skill, chance and/or environment elements beyond our control, is difficult to measure. Thoughtful application of sentiment analysis in creating content, supports influencing, driving a share of the outcome. But our experience indicates that sentiment analysis:

  • Increased the quantity of social media traffic and its speed through the social media channels
  • Used in addition to environment factors improves the predictability of social media diffusions
  • Increased positive content increases social media acceptance and diffusion

Other Industries – Sentiment Analysis and Social Media

Banking – Analysis of social media campaigns to understand the meaning of comments for improving customer acquisition and identification and prioritization of causes of customer churn. Improved and extend equity investing research considering more unstructured resources (research data, news media, social media) for more companies in more markets. Unstructured data analysis provides insights on specific bonds or commercial paper and establish correlations between news events and securities performance in credit markets.

Healthcare – Locating disfunctions and gaps through analyzing patient feedback, surveys, and social media. Improving communications between providers and patients. It identifies patients’ challenges when interacting with providers and structures a scoring mechanism for departmental performance.

Consumer Brands – Collecting online and offline unstructured data to determine what people are saying about you.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

                                                                        Jeff Bezos

Monitoring and maintaining your brand requires careful use of key words in messaging, showing your customers that you care by asking and actin on feedback and keeping your messaging evergreen.

Sentiment Analysis Insights

The sentiment analysis insights are consistent across industries. The value is in bringing appropriate rate of change in reimagining business. Every industry should apply sentiment analysis for strategic measures relevant for their business for:

Sentiment Analysis Benefit Streams

Monitoring the strategics measures generates benefits in four significant areas:

  • Product Insights
  • Market Trends
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Perception

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