Thanksgiving Ads That Set The Standard As Well As The Table

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and being together to celebrate all that’s good in life. And advertisers really know how to hit us in the feels. Here are four of our favorite heartwarming and memorable Thanksgiving ads from the past few years.

1. Publix Salt and Pepper 

This memorable Publix commercial follows the company’s tradition of producing heart-warming content that reminds us all of the joy of the holidays and being with family, but with a quirky twist.

2. Walmart Many Chairs One Table

This tear-jerker commercial from 2017 shows people from all walks of life gathering together for a meal. The commercial promotes unity and community, perfect themes for the Thanksgiving season.

3. Publix Thanksgiving Commercial 2014

Strong copy anchors this feel-good commercial by Publix. Thanksgiving togetherness is the thread that binds each of these ordinary moments. Their parting message? “Here’s to the day that may not be flawless, but it’s always perfect.”

4. Meijer Thanksgiving Commercial

Meijer insists we are still thankful despite the year we’ve had. The brand encourages us to donate to the Simply Give program to provide meals for our neighbors in need. Because after all “Together We Are Better”.

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