Tag Winners’ Family Feud

Switching up the same old panel format, the TAG Winners assembled for a little competitive fun in the style of family feud. Yalo was represented by, yours truly, the Up & Coming Marketer of the Year for 2018! I was excited to participate and share a millennial view of marketing and hopefully earn a few points in the process.

The event was hosted at Industrious at Ponce City Market here in ATL on a casual Tuesday night for happy hour and networking. I love co-working spaces like Industrious. They have a cool vibe and always a great chance to meet people — so shout out to them for having us!

Once the family feud teams were divided, our host Scott Williford from vLink Solutions directed teams to put down our beers and grab the apple since we didn’t have a buzzer available. This made for a rough start and he warned us the topics would be difficult. Scott was a good stand in for Steve Harvey though!

Getting Started Family Feud Style

Thanks to @_ANNUITAS @arketi @NanoLumens & @digitalyalo for participating in our version of @FamilyFeud at our #TAGMarketing Winners Circle pic.twitter.com/LSS5BtIQra

— TAG_MKTG (@TAG_MKTG) February 26, 2019

We covered 6 topics – Content Marketing Tactics, Marketing to Gen Z, Marketing Technology, Data-Driven Marketing, CEO Metrics, and Careers. Each round the winning team would have 3 chances to answer specifics on each topic pulled from data trends and charts from leading sources for 2019. Each participant provided thoughtful views that aligned to what we see and practice every day. Because this is a blog post overview, you’ll find your Annie soundbites to take away, as words of wisdom from a 20 something:

Content Marketing – Always make it snackable. Your white paper should be a video, infographic, social post and more. Don’t have a white paper? Apply to anything else you consider content that tells your story and then measure it.

Marketing to Gen Z – Watch out for these guys! They are social and skeptical – measure their response as they grow, it will be interesting to watch them evolve.

Data-Driven Marketing – This is the future of marketing and we can’t move forward without it. Data is the key to insights from your audience to learn from.

CEO Metrics – Find what is important to them. We can throw all the numbers in the world at them and it will not make a difference to your future budgets if they don’t care or see the impact.

Careers – Interviewing is a two-way street and it needs to feel like the right fit on both sides of the table. Trust your gut and look at the big picture of your career and where you want to go. Culture is an important factor in building a team or joining a team!

All in the TAG Winner’s circle brought a fun atmosphere and sneak peak of what to expect at TAG Geek Out coming up April 9th! The TAG Marketing chapter provides great events and even better – a group of people fun to be around, check them out if you haven’t yet!

I’ll leave you with the team’s final comments as we continue to win through 2019! 😉 Yalo would love to help your business succeed with marketing technology too – contact us here and let’s have a productive chat.

Final comments https://t.co/I67fHw97DF

— TAG_MKTG (@TAG_MKTG) February 27, 2019

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