Star2Star Communications Incentive Program

Sales Incentive Program

The Challenge

Star2Star wanted to boost its numbers at year’s end by incentivizing its sales reps to book more meetings with their clients/partners. They needed an engaging way to motivate both the reps and the partners to have the face-to-face meetings, which they know are more productive than calls.

Our Solution

In less than a month, Yalo concepted, designed built and launched a fun, fresh sales incentive program that created a win-win situation for both reps and partners by offering a cash prize just to have a meeting. Partners received instructions and a custom printed die by mail. Reps received a passport to log meetings and their own die. When the two met, they rolled the dice together and checked the combination on a landing page we created to see what prize they had won.

Chart-Busting Results

Within just over a month, the program generated 200 completed meetings across the country.