Soul To Sole

Do you ever wonder what your shoes say about you? Who would’ve guessed that the way we dress our feet could reveal so much about who we are? Well, it turns out that they do! Your shoe style can tell us a lot more than just how much time you spend at the gym or if you’re into fashion trends. 

So why are shoes so meaningful? Well for starters, they can be used as an outlet for self-expression. From glittery stilettos to sneakers and everything in between—shoes can help tell others about your personality or mood depending on what kind of shoe or sandal you choose to wear on any given day.

The Yalo Tribe is known for its Soul but now let’s look at their Soles. Here are the results from our recent favorite shoe poll:

Leading the pack for the sports and outdoors category is our own CEO Arnold Huffman with his custom Yalo kicks.

Eric, Rachel, and Brian are all on the sports and outdoors train

Tim, Giselle, and Jeff… bike, skate, and jump

Nick, Kate, and Robert are kicking it up a notch

Lance, Kenny, and Brandon are brand loyalists repping Nike

Denise and EJ are our resident Business Fashionistas

So what are your favorite pair of shoes? Here is some musical inspiration to help you decide!

Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis
Dancing Shoes – Arctic Monkeys
Old Brown Shoe – The Beatles
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem – Kenny C
Boot Scootin’ Boogie – Brooks & Dunn
Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi
Nike’s On My feet – Mac Miller
Nikes – Frank Ocean
Just Kickin’ It – Xscape

As you can tell by how we bare our soles, we’re not the typical creative design and marketing agency. We’re full of outside-the-shoebox ideas, and we use them to make our clients more successful every day. From marketing communications and branding to website design & development and video & animation, we’re unde-feeted when it comes to design and delivery. Scroll down a bit and contact us – let’s have a conversation and rock the world together.

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