Scoring Marketing Wins for Your Site

Getting On-Base and Scoring

Campaign planning through social media and other marketing channels has set up the opportunity, it has gotten eyeballs to your “home plate,” your website. They now depend on the site’s capabilities. How do you make sure that you convert a sale or engage for services? How do you round the bases and score?

Getting to 1st

Getting to 1st, depends on the user experience.  The experience needs to be friendly and intuitive to keep the user engaged. During the execution of the campaign it is important to quickly identify friction points. Error clicks (dead, error, rage) and slow loading pages are several sources of user frustration. Monitoring the actual user sessions and technical error dashboards isolate, prioritize and make available issues for technical team resolution. Without which, opportunities are missed because users abandon the site.

Advancing to 2nd

By analyzing sessions by user segment, we can confirm that our target audience is advancing to 2nd. It is necessary to monitor user behavior, not just rely on the original design/intent. Are the users navigating the site consistent with campaign outcomes?  Where are the users moving the cursor on the screen, are there long delays in the navigation, are they getting lost and giving up?  Having all the sessions available for playback is a powerful tool to capture and diagnose issues.

Accelerating to 3rd

Gaining 3rd base requires analysis from a business perspective on campaign performance. KPI’s are the scorecard and early warning system for campaign success. What is the trend for cart size, product page visits, contact requests or Sessions with replay where issues are occurring? These key takeaways need to be sent to technical teams for resolution from both a business and technical perspective. Real time feedback and alarming can result in game time changes in content, offerings and page design. The scorecard breaks down organizational silos and engages the business in the campaign execution outcomes.

Rounding for Home and Scoring

In going for home, we have the users engaged in the conversion funnel.  Now this funnel needs to be closely monitored for leaks. Leaks that will impact the bottom line. The value of a lost business opportunity at each point of the funnel should be monetized for establishing priority for resolution. Which sectors are buying which items? Is it consistent with the campaign plan? Are there revelations that should be quickly implemented in web and page design to maximize business returns?

The Next Game

In baseball there is another game to plan for, in business there is the next campaign or opportunity. All of this knowledge must be retained about the customer behavior in using the site. In addition, analyzing the detailed activities within sessions provides additional insights on how the site is being used. What are the similarities/differences between converted business and lost opportunities? Data analysis of all page events can be used to isolate trends beyond user activities on the site.

Team Benefits

Engaging campaign management and execution has benefits for all team members.

  • Product Managers – gain feature adoption and increasing market share
  • Technical Teams – clear definition and isolation of issues
  • Customer Support – resolve complaint queue in an expeditious manner
  • Marketing – visibility of conversion rate variability and causes of funnel performance decay

A Winning Team

FullStory is the toolset that supports campaign management by linking the analytics to the user experience. Application of FullStory’s search, session replay, dashboards, and data export for analysis and integration to other business tools defines issues and opportunities.  Yalo is utilizing this tool and applying our award-winning design and implementation team to better user experience and maximize the return on your social media and website investment.

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