Partnering For Positive Results

Digital Yalo started with a vision of helping small- to medium-sized companies connect with potential customers online. Along the way, they realized they needed to improve file sharing and collaboration processes.

From the beginning, Digital Yalo founder and CEO Arnold Huffman and his team prided themselves on taking a unique approach to client services, focusing on the effective and efficient delivery of products. Having experienced organic growth and a few small mergers and acquisitions, this became more important than ever. As the organization grew, that focus on efficiency was at odds with Digital Yalo’s cumbersome file storage and delivery system. A creative agency can go from working on video assets to Word documents in a single day.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve had to evolve our technology layer to enable that growth. That’s where Dropbox comes in,” Huffman says. 

Brandon Bradford, VP of Operations, led the push to create a process that would let everyone work independently while collaborating with external clients.

Through the mergers they’ve had over the previous years, Digital Yalo had several decentralized collaboration platforms: Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft. In their quest to simplify and unify collaboration, Digital Yalo turned to Positive Results, a third-party seller and technology partner, to help them choose the right solution.

Positive Results demoed multiple tools, including Google, Box and Dropbox. Before making the selection, it was critical to understand the workflows that were most important to their business operations. 

We recommended Dropbox because of our deep partnership, the flexibility of the platform, and our ability to migrate a terabyte of data in under a week from Box to Dropbox without interruption to daily productivity,” says Positive Results CEO Dennis Kyle.

Ultimately, their success metric is team feedback. Dropbox has helped make everyone’s workflows simpler and seamless, enabling Digital Yalo staff to get to the soul of any brand faster than ever before. “Dropbox is one of the collaboration tools that allows us to be in sync with clients,” Huffman says. “It lets us be effective and efficient in processing either deliverables or changes to those deliverables so we get to the end point or stick the landing sooner.”


Move quickly and get more done.

Moving from Box to Dropbox saved Digital Yalo about 57% in annual license fees. They also estimate a resource savings of 14% from time spent going back and forth between platforms and searching for updated document fragments.

Read more about the success in the case study below.

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