Nypro Healthcare

Experience Center

The Challenge

Nypro provides manufacturing and packaging innovation for healthcare companies. They wanted to redesign their Customer Engagement and Innovation Center lobby to create a more impactful and visually appealing experience that blends their history with the innovations leading them into the future.

Our Solution 

We developed oversized graphics for specific areas that engage and inform, while contributing to the overall unified, modern aesthetic of the redesigned space. Our goal was to tell the Nypro story of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with a modern feel that respects the company’s history and roots in science, but is visually focused on the company’s exciting, innovative future and transcends the historical feeling of a 70’s plastics company.

Climbing the Charts

Since it opened its newly redesigned doors, visitors from around the world have come to innovate, design, plan, build prototypes and more in this space that blends a rich history with a bright future.

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