Not All Heroes Wear Capes… Some Make Them.

Meet Edna, the costume designer from The Incredibles.

Here’s what makes her a great agency partner (and superhero advocate).

  1. She knows her heroes’ strengths and tailor-makes assets based on THEIR SPECIFIC super power (elasticity, speed, invisibility, etc.) 

    To stand out, you have to figure out how to create a fully custom experience – from the design, to the ease of use, to the items you offer, and how you can make them unique. If customers can get the exact item or service they want from you, they will come back again and again.
  2. Everything is on brand–the super suits come in different sizes and functionality, but they are all a part of the INCREDIBLES design family. 

    Keeping your brand consistent allows it to be more immediately recognizable within your industry and with your target audience. Building a recognizable brand can take a lot of time, but your brand can quickly be distinguishable by adhering to your brand guidelines.
  3. She creates things for her clients they don’t know they need yet.

    This kind of proactive customer support is not just a nice-to-have, it’s something customers have come to expect. More than 50% of customers in a survey said they expect companies to anticipate their needs and make appropriate suggestions before they even ask for help.

  4. She says, “Dah-ling.” Every good agency has a quirk that makes them special and memorable to work with.

    A brand quirk is a feature or attribute that does nothing to enhance the performance of the product or service, but provides a unique point of differentiation. In areas where the delivery may be considered a commodity, differentiation is at a premium. This is where the value or a ‘quirk’ may be really telling  – it ups the ‘Quirk Quotient’.
  5. She’s their biggest fan. That’s right–great agencies make your costume (ie. brand, strategy, marketing) and then congratulate you for saving the day.

    Excellent customer service is a competitive advantage. The intersection of business strategy, brand and customer experience provides you the ability to delight and amaze your customers.

Because you’re the Hero. We’re the Guide. Let’s chat and save the world.

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