No Blue Mondays.

Super Bowl LII is in the books. People are doing backflips from the awning of the Ritz Carlton in Philly, whereas Boston is contemplating who will even be on their team next year. Vegas is predicting everyone will be back for the Patriots since they are 5-1 odds to win it all next year.

The Monday after the Super Bowl — most of America called in sick for the day. Blue Monday, as it has been dubbed, is the largest sick day of the year every year with an estimated $3B negative economic impact on businesses this year! All the hype and build up about the game, and the commercials, peaked on Sunday. The reaction, both good and bad, trickled through the social water coolers maybe 24 hours after that. So now what?

Will Amazon get more celebrity voices for Alexa? Will they actually offer it in their product? Will T-Mobile keep running a random baby ad with the xylophone version of “All Apologies”?

What was the plan? And how do you respond to what happened?

Every brand marketer may not be fortunate enough to have over 100 Million pairs of eyes as your key marketing event of the year, but there is your version of the Super Bowl out there. Some major conference, product launch, acquisition that requires a ton of preparation…and then it’s all hands-on deck for the big event. And commonly after that, it is usually a letdown and unfortunately, a missed opportunity.

At Yalo, there are NO BLUE MONDAYS. We execute with a full, 100-yard mentality every time. We prepare and build plans that will execute from start to finish. We take time outs to analyze our plan and make in-game adjustments where necessary to drive down the field for the winning touchdown.

Do you have a complete game plan ready for your Super Bowl moment . . . before, during AND after the big game? If not, let’s talk.

Hut! Hut!

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