Metalogix Mailer Campaign

European & North American Account-Based Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

Metalogix wanted to leverage sponsored whitepaper content to interest new European prospects in its services. But time was of the essence with the European summer holiday on the horizon. Our client needed to make a quick impression or lose an entire month of relationship building. Given that vacation, not data security, was foremost on the minds of these prospects, Metalogix also didn’t want to turn up the pressure so high that their prospects were turned off.

Our Solution

We created a memorable campaign designed to pique interest and gain respect by giving these prospects something they needed right then as a teaser to giving them something they would need later. The idea was to convey that the prospects could relax while on vacation because Metalogix had the answer to data security issues they’d need to solve when they returned. 

Each prospect received a mailer fastened with a padlock to bring home the security message. Inside the box was a Metalogix embroidered towel and Polaroid Snap to enjoy while on holiday. A series of personal emails from sales reps and a personalized landing page ensured that Metalogix remained top of mind before and after the summer break, but without a hard sell to schedule a call.

Rave Reviews

Our client successfully engaged C-level executives that had not responded to previous outreach attempts both at existing and new accounts. The response to the European mailer was so positive that a second round of the mailers were created for North America and targeted at a larger audience just 2 months later. In total, 130 mailers were sent (50 in Europe and 80 in the U.S.) and generated 52 new opportunities/leads, which was a 40% boost in new opportunities/leads at the ABM targets. The campaign generated a >2x increase in the pipeline ($2.2M vs. $1M) at the targeted accounts. And average deal sizes increased by 20% with the ABM targets. 

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