Kimberly-Clark R&E University

The Challenge

Visible in businesses and homes all over the world, Kimberly-Clark and its trusted brands are in more than 175 countries. With a company of this scale, Kimberly-Clark has its own R&E University offering internal courses for new hires or those looking to learn a new area of business. These different colleges provide a number of courses, from basic to advanced, in areas such as product development, engineering & development, and material development. With a wide array of options, the department was consistently getting feedback from course-goers that the system was difficult to navigate. Users also did not know where they were in their educational journey.

Our Solution

Kimberly-Clark turned to Yalo to update the system’s design and enhance the user experience. Working under strict guidelines within the site, Yalo worked to simplify the learning process. We reduced clicks by creating easier site navigation that was modern in design and functionality.

Chart-busting Results

Yalo provided new navigation and designs for up to 12 new pages across the R&E University site. Internal constituents can now easily find their courses and track their path to success. The final product has a modern twist that significantly eliminates unnecessary clicks and provides a clear, welcoming journey to its users.  

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