“Kickstart My Heart” . . . Yes, I Mean Motley Crue

Before you read this, did you happen to read our blog post Are You Not Entertained? If not, you should read that one first. And if you have read it, then you might be looking for some good examples to help you kickstart some of your own ideas. Check these out:

Ally Financial: Team Huddle

TD Ameritrade: Consolidation (Yalo)

Jabil: Internet of Things (Yalo) 

What do these examples have in common? They are interesting. They are entertaining. Yet they still deliver their key message and value statement. Pretty cool how this can be accomplished, even though the topic might be a little dry or boring — as if consolidating your monetary assets can be all that exciting? A crucial element of creating interesting and engaging content is to understand your target audience. Nothing you probably haven’t heard before, but worth reiterating. Developing clear, concise personas will help you understand your targets’ interests, expectations and what makes them tick. A good persona will make all the difference in creating something that is interesting and engaging, versus being just another piece of content that delivers your message without a hook. A few key things you should strive to understand in your personas are:

  • Drivers – What is motivating them?
  • Goals – How will they measure success?
  • Needs – What are enablers to their success?
  • Pain points – What are the impediments to their success?
  • Behaviors – What makes them tick?

Armed with this knowledge, you are in a much better position to address your target audience and give them what they want in a way that doesn’t turn them off or bore them. Now get out there and kickstart your customer’s heart!

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