Jabil 3D Video

3D Video Experience

The Challenge 

Jabil Packaging Solutions wanted an innovative, immersive way to show visitors to its experience centers in Tortosa, Spain, and San Jose, California, how a package comes to life. They were looking to tell the story from concept through the entire life cycle of a package, showing along the way how their approach to innovation and expertise in technology creates a first-in-class experience for their clients — whether they are developing a standard plastic packaging or a more sophisticated smart solution.

Our Solution

We developed a 7-minute 3D video that tells the story in a way that makes sense to consumers, not just the product development teams and engineers who will see it during their visits. Products and processes come to life in a large format experience that blends live-action video, graphics and 3D rendered objects that animate off the screens. Yalo provided the concept, script, storyboard, VO talent selection and overall direction, then collaborated with a production studio to bring it all to life.

Rave Reviews

This experience is unlike any other Jabil has ever created, so the stakes were high. The C suite executives deemed the experience “very cool,” “a home run” and “smiles all around.” And their clients felt the same.

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