How to Send a Happy Holiday Message in 2020

Halloween is over. And while some of us cringe seeing Christmas trees when we walk into a Target on the 1st of November, as marketers, our holiday planning is well underway.

This year, with COVID cramping production times and product availability, if you haven’t mapped out a holiday gift campaign for your favorite customers consider this your friendly reminder.

Below are some ideas to kick start the process:

What the heck do we say? We understand this year has been kind of a hot mess. Everyone does. So when it comes to messaging, let’s not remind people. It’s ok to be playful. Steer clear of the doom and gloom, and choose to see the glass—and the opportunity to help your customers see it—as half full. Whether your tone is about partnership or a simple thank you, just be sure you stay true to the core of your brand. 

Pick items with staying power. Welp, that probably rules out booze and all the other comfort foods we’ve been indulging in for the last six months. Cheetos, wine and chocolate-covered popcorn are out. Branded tumblers and tactical items are in. LEGO, the work-from-home snuggie and binoculars for “looking ahead to the future” are just a few light-hearted ideas.

Create a connection. If your messaging and branded gifts are practical and unique, your customers will want to share them. Encourage them to do this socially by creating your own hashtag. People are more open to sharing content from the wild during the holidays. Guards are down and spirits are up.

Don’t break the budget. Keep cost in perspective. The beauty of everyone being remote is the uptick of time we are spending in front of a screen. If a clever message is just about all that fits what’s left in the 2020 bank, then create a digital or virtual touchpoint. (We know just the elves to help with that.)

Be considerate of timing. Businesses have pretty full plates right now. And some of it is stuff you really don’t want to be on there. So if you haven’t started mapping out a holiday campaign, there is always the option to send something in the New Year. Because let’s be honest, we are all ready for a fresh start.

Whatever hits your mailbox, we hope this hit list helps bring you—and your customers—comfort and joy.

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