Givin’ It Up for Thanksgiving

We gotta admit: the Yalo Tribe is one lucky crew. With a great year of accomplishments already behind us as a company, we also wanted to share a few of the things we’re most thankful for individually this year. We hope you’re feeling just as fortunate as we roll into the holiday season.

At the head of our Thanksgiving table is our chief tribe member, Arnold Huffman. 

Arnold – I’m thankful for health, family, my awesome Yalo team, our A+ clients, and of course, music.

Brandon – I am thankful for my pup Bentley! He’s a yorkie but thinks he’s a pit bull at heart!

Rachel – This year, I am eternally grateful that my husband and I were able to find our dream home. Though it is a “fixer upper” I look forward to working together as a family to make it our own and a place where we will create memories for years to come.

Kristin – I’m thankful to have more than what I need, most of what I want, friends through thick and thin, the sweetest family in the whole damn world . . . and the wisdom to appreciate it all, even when it’s not Thanksgiving.

Lance – Wow – that could take a while. Let’s see, where to start – well, for starters I went to bed with a full belly and a roof over my head last night; and woke up and walked out of my bed this morning. From there – everything is pretty much gravy! – One other thing. I am incredibly blessed to have the best family in the whole world. And no matter what happens around or to us, we always have each other. That’s what I am most thankful for.

Scott – I’m always thankful for the three Fs… It’s all about eating great food, spending time with family, remembering those who are no longer with us and of course…watching football!

Aysha – As thankful as I am for being able to spend the holidays with many loved ones, one person fills my heart with gratitude more than anyone else– my grandmother. I’m so thankful for her for teaching me her secret Thanksgiving recipes while giving me great life advice. She’s the keeper of all traditions in my family as well as our “Chief Sanity Officer.”

Angie – I’m thankful that I made it to my 50th year in life with many blessing, but especially my kids. So fortunate to be surrounded by great co-workers and great friends.

Annie – I’m thankful for my (new) fiance and my family that stretches from Vermont to Ohio to San Francisco, California! I’m blessed for the life and adventures I experience every day! I’m not just thankful today, but everyday for my health, happiness and loved ones!

Brian – I’m most thankful for a happy and healthy family.  Everyday stresses are put in context when you know your loved ones are taken care of.

From all of the zesty, thirsty, unified, funky tribe at Yalo, we hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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