Fang-tastic Marketing Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is a great opportunity for brands to creatively connect with their customers, from Mausoleum pop-up stores to selling garlic-sauce talisman necklaces. Even celebrities such as Keke Palmer are participating in this year’s Halloween-themed campaigns.

Here’s a look at a few spooktacular strategies. 👻



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Heinz released new versions of its condiments designed for Vampire Influencers—Black Garlic Mayo and Tomato Blood Ketchup.

To promote these new variants, the brand partnered with Toby, a 280-year-old vampire influencer, who prefers to drink Tomato Blood Ketchup over human blood. Heinz will also open a store in the middle of the Boldu-Cretuleasca forest, in Romania, on Halloween, and will only be open from midnight to 1 a.m. Those who visit the store will be gifted with a sample of the Black Garlic Mayo. 🧛🏻‍♂️


Papa Johns launched a garlic sauce talisman necklace for Halloween. The campaign sees Papa Johns resurrect its ‘80s horror film parody series, “Jack!,” with the launch of its first-ever piece of jewelry—the Stranger Bling necklace is a nod to Netflix’s hit “Stranger Things“. 🍕


Actress Keke Palmer partnered with Uber Eats to deliver a new horror short, “Don’t Run Out,” with $1 million worth of discount codes hidden in it.

The video sees a trio of friends who, on Halloween night, realize that they’re running low on candy. Palmer’s character explains how one family vanished on Halloween after the same thing happened to them, as she rushes to order more on Uber Eats. The friends all split up, each pursued by a masked figure in the shadows, later revealing itself at the end.


Chester Cheetah and Cheetos are taking their antics to virtual reality this Halloween. Cheetos unveiled Chesterville, a new, digital suburban neighborhood and the first exciting venture into virtual reality for the brand.

“This is a significant moment for both the brand and the portfolio as we broaden the ways we engage with fans, inviting them to experience Cheetos in an entirely new way,” said Stacy Taffet, senior VP of marketing for Frito-Lay, the parent company of Cheetos. 

The goal is to gain access to the spooky mansion atop Cheetos Hill. Once inside the mansion, fans can unlock a chance to vote for their favorite “ghost of Cheetos’ past” and help bring a no-longer-available flavor back to life in the real world. Fans will choose from one of three favorite flavors to resurrect for a limited run: Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch, Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Pepper Puffs or Cheetos Nashville Hot snacks. 🌶


If Halloween had a mascot.. it would definitely be chocolate.

Since 2012, Twix has delivered ad campaigns focused on the left and right sides of their chocolate bars. 🍫

Features of Right Twix

  • The caramel content is lesser in the Right Twix than the left Twix, and the cookie is a bit darker towards the middle. 
  • The Right Twix is written in white color on the red label. 
  • It tastes great as it is made from superior ingredients.

Features of Left Twix

  • It contains an added layer of caramel and a lighter cookie to absorb it.
  • The name Left Twix is written in red color on the white label.
  • It also tastes sweet as it is made from finer ingredients.

Need more spooky inspiration? Here is a compilation of 10 of the best Halloween Commercial Ads ever, including Burger King, Nike, LG, Skoda, Mars, Snickers, IKEA and


These commercials are fun and boo-tiful examples of creative branding and marketing that leverage our collective participation in a holiday experience. Have you ever considered how your brand might benefit from such an exercise at a certain time of the year? Allow Yalo to help you mine the possibilities – creative marketing campaigns are what we’re all about. Please scroll down to the page bottom and click the Contact Us button to start a conversation.

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