Experience One of Atlanta’s Most Unique Musical Genres AND Unusual Museums at the Trap Music Museum

Yalo is an experiential marketing agency in Atlanta that draws from influences and energies firmly rooted in popular music, sports, film, and entertainment in order to create work with soul for our clients. These muses inspire us and help us to create award-winning visuals and marketing campaigns that are “outside of the box” compared to standard fare. We often use the power of Music, in particular, to tap into truths about your brand and your customers. 

Atlanta is a city full of diverse, colorful musical heritage. Visitors to our fair city will understand this upon visiting the Trap Music Museum – a provocative, one-of-a-kind gallery space where you can explore the origins of one of Atlanta’s most unique musical genres you’ve probably never heard of before – Trap music. 

Trap music was inspired by the life of a drug dealer in Atlanta’s poverty-stricken neighborhoods, also known here as in many other urban centers as “The Hood.” The lives of dealers and users were and still are often very desperate, short, and impoverished. These individuals and even families felt “trapped” by their lifestyle, lack of finances, and by addiction – hence the name of the genre itself. 

The Trap Music Museum was founded by Atlanta rapper, actor, philanthropist and entrepreneur T.I. He wanted to create an experience that showcased the gritty Atlanta culture and harsh realities of violence and drugs in our world and in our city – and the music that was born out of these realities and struggles. 


When visiting the Trap Music Museum, start your tour at the facsimile of a typical corner convenience store where drug-dealing often occurs. You’ll buy your admission tickets just as addicts purchase their drugs – over the counter – a clever and almost tongue-in-cheek statement about consumerism perhaps.  

As you travel through the museum, you’ll see an exact replica of T.I.’s grandma’s living room with all of her family photos on the wall, as well as images of famous musicians. Next, visit the kitchen, where home-manufactured crack cocaine is cooking on the stove now as then. Take a gander into the gun & ammo-armed walk-in closet – T.I. makes it personal, placing his own assault rifles on display as well as showcasing one of the Grammys he won for Best Rap PerformanceEven gain a perspective on what it might feel like to spend time behind jail cell bars at this decidedly gritty and Real cultural mecca that is as educational as it is entertaining. 

Besides the Trap Museum, you can also experience the Escape Room 

Escapes rooms have been growing in popularity for a few years now but the Trap Music Museum again takes a clever tongue-in-cheek angle with its escape room. Visitors can consume alcohol while trying to escape the room, just as denizens of The Hood often rely on alcohol to help them “escape” The hood. A hybrid art gallery and interactive exhibit displaying realistic scenes that symbolize the sounds and lifestyles that originated in Atlanta, The Trap Music Museum Escape Room is very popular and needs to be reserved ahead of time. Bring some friends to enjoy a night you will never forget. 


Sip & Trap  

You can also schedule a private tour of the museum. Get 2-for-1 drinks and a glass of champagne while exploring the Trap music genre. Very Hip-Hop. 

Giving Back 

The Trap Music Museum is not “just” a cultural education space about the people who grew up on the westside of Atlanta. The museum also finds ways to give back and to help its community. TTMM allows rising artists to record music in their two studio booths, and employees also hit the streets to help mend conditions in the neighborhood on a regular basis – part of T.I.’s vision for his institution. 

Plan Your Visit 

Many artists and musicians have led lives of pain and struggle in order to create their art. The Trap Music Museum is a brisk face slap for visitors about the realities of life that have shaped Trap music as well as much of Rap music in-general. Much as the Blues originated in the lives of destitute African-Americans looking for a better way – and has been celebrated in countless novels, films, paintings, recordings and documentaries – the Trap Music Museum serves as a potent reminder of the pain, desperation and struggle that birthed Trap music in the South in the late Nineties. 

Today, Trap music is known and celebrated internationally and has even been adopted and co-opted by the EDM movement. Visit this local Atlanta locale where the music is truly about Atlanta’s underprivileged neighborhoods and see where it all began in a very interesting cultural setting. 

Our Promotional Plug 

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