Integrated Marketing Program Design

The Challenge

This provider of engineered materials to the high-voltage and battery markets wants more quality leads in the top of its sales funnel. Electrolock needed a communications refresh and marketing campaign to consistently tell a story that is unique and memorable, and reach engineers who may not be aware of the full range of capabilities they offer.

Our Solution

Yalo performed current state and competitive assessments, examining everything from SEO to design and channel presence, in order to help our client understand its challenges and opportunities for connecting with engineers. From there, we developed a messaging strategy that clearly articulates Electrolock’s value proposition. Channel research and planning helped to define which communications tactics will be most effective in reaching target audiences. Bringing it all together, Yalo’s campaign concepts provided the narrative, visuals and voice we’ll use to communicate Electrolock’s unique message.

Climbing the Charts

Our integrated, multi-pronged approach delivered meaningful results over the course of six months. Electrolock’s website page views per session increased by 30%. The average session length increased by 93%. Bounce rate decreased by 20%. And monthly contact form submissions increased by 83%.

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