Digital in Cleveland Is the New Black

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Digital is hot, hip and now. Everyone’s doing it! And if you’re NOT doing it, where have you been hiding for the past decade and a half or so?!! As a Cleveland web design agency, the Yalo team loves seeing what other designers have designed and built to manifest a company’s digital persona – in other words, their websites! We have no problem celebrating the excellence and skills of others in the web design world because, frankly, there’s a LOT of work to go around.  

In this post, we’ll be highlighting some great website designs for Cleveland-based companies. See what YOU think about American Greetings, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Progressive Insurance – giants of industry in the Cleveland area and pretty famous nationally as well.  

American Greetings  

For more than 100 years, American Greetings has been the go-to company for meaningful and caring cards, gifts and party supplies for every holiday and occasion. 

The company’s digital persona is colorful and seasonal. What’s great about their website in Yalo’s mind is their stand-out photography, attention-grabbing headlines and sub-headlines – strong copy-writing! They also have that classic website design look – perfect for the company they have grown to be in a market where they want to relate to every demographic. Why not present a design that users are comfortable with? Another standout about American Greetings’ website is that they are promoting what is trendy and technology-driven these days – environmentally friendly and super-convenient Ecards! It’s always good to see a business that knows how to tap into current market desires and to hype what is popular and “hot” with consumers. 

Great Lakes Brewing Company 

The Great Lakes Brewing Company is an Ohio, Cleveland-based company that was started by two Irish brothers in the late 1980s. It offers a sophisticated, diverse selection of craft beer with a focus on celebrating the abundance of the Great Lakes region in every bottle. 

As a web design company, we think it is very important for companies to keep consistent themes in all their branding. Great Lakes Brewing Company does a great job with this through their colors, typography and images. They excel at creating images with a consistent artful style that have meaning beyond the face-value of the images – usually historic in nature. When you visit their site you instantly recognize the brand. GLBC has fun with their products and their customers’ tastes by presenting imagery that introduces new, limited-edition, and brand-standard beers. Their new, year-round Great Lakes IPA – a popular American IPA – recognizes the company’s independence and employee ownership, for example. Great Lakes also mentions in their banner slider about delivery service – a timely bit of marketing when their facilities are closed to visitors. 

Progressive Insurance 

Progressive is an insurance company that was started in 1937 in Cleveland, Ohio and has a long and storied history that is very …. well, progressive. The company even has an impressive art collection and curatorial staff that takes the artwork on the road to their various offices for displays and educational lectures. Progressive provides peace-of-mind and protection for vehicle, property, finance, personal and commercial claims. Their objective as a company is to sell you on their services and overall affordability. 

Progressive’s website does a great job in showcasing qualities that customers care about when it comes to insurance policies – savings, support and customer trust. What we like about their website is that they make finding specific types of insurance – say motorcycle, condominium or recreational vehicle – very easy via graphic icons right on the Home page. The process of getting a quote for each type of insurance is quite simple – in our industry we call this User Experience or UXa set of best practices and tactics that help site visitors to enjoy their experience on a website. Bad UX leads to visitors abandoning a website before any kind of engagement transpires – NOT GOOD if you want to be successful.  

We’re also delighted as a Cleveland marketing agency at the genius of their marketing “mascot,” the comedic Flo. The company has basically rewritten the rules about marketing for what was once considered too serious a topic for humor in advertising – insurance. Ongoing gags, visual puns, even a faux musical on ice – Progressive has set the bar high with this advertising gimmick and many other insurance companies are now following suit and trying humorous ad campaigns to keep up. Go, Flo, go! 

So that’s Yalo’s micro-tour of some great website designs and campaigns for Cleveland, Ohio companies. As a Cleveland web design company, Yalo is always checking-out local companies’ websites to drive inspiration in OUR house. We believe success comes from feeding off each other, learning from each other, improving upon what has come before. Art is rarely created in a vacuum. 

If you are interested in learning more about Yalo as a web design company and what we can do for your digital profile and branding in order to make you rock, please get in touch with us and we’ll communicate shortly. We’d love to chat with you! 

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