The Challenge

Credigy is a global specialty finance company that works with other financial institutions to acquire and finance consumer assets across multiple asset classes. They maintain the clout of a Wall Street firm, but without the cut-throat culture and needed help explaining their complex business and their unique employee experience in order to help recruit top talent.

Our Solution

We worked with Credigy’s Employee Engagement team to develop a collection of materials to better tell their story in terms anyone can understand. We created a series of live-action videos that capture employees’ takes on what makes Credigy unique — from the interesting, challenging work they do to the camaraderie within the office and the perks they enjoy — to explain both the business itself and the employee experience. Meanwhile, an animated video puts their business transactions in the simplest of terms. Many of these videos live on the new website we designed, while others will be used on social media, at conferences and for onboarding new employees. Finally, we created print materials, including a recruiting brochure to pique candidates’ interest and a one-sheeter for recruits and partners that gives transactional detail about the business.

Ready to Roll

The timing of the launch of these materials puts Credigy in a perfect spot for garnering the attention of top candidates about to lock down their B-school degrees and others looking for the next step in their career.

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