Content Is For Closers

If you’re like us, you’re ready to rock 2018 with great conversations with new potential partners and clients and, of course, some new wins. What will be your approach to providing your sales team with the most effective content and tools to successfully engage throughout the buying process this year? Same old PowerPoints as last year? A few templated emails that your sales team may or may not use? Maybe 2018 is the year to up your game.

In our experience, custom content with targeted messaging is the key to success. That can mean creating everything from social and email campaigns to engaging presentations for meetings and conferences, as well as leave-behinds with lasting impact. Our team has helped companies in industries from tech to manufacturing develop sales enablement content that really connects with prospects — from the initial hook to the final meeting. 

Check out these three critical elements of content creation and delivery for sales teams. Learn more about Yalo’s sales enablement work for manufacturing and digital supply chain powerhouse, Jabil, and marketing assessment work for the Veritiv’s Facilities Solutions business.

Right Audience, Right Message

Segmenting your target audiences and speaking directly to them with your materials is key to helping them understand why your product, service or solution is really right for them. Our team does the research to understand your various audiences and develop targeted messaging that answers “what’s in it for me?” for each. This approach can be applied to a single presentation deck for one meeting or across a series of materials.

Sequencing & Cadence

Speaking of a series of materials, if you’re deveoping multiple communications pieces, what’s the best way to break them down and build up your brand’s story in the most impactful way? We can help with both the strategy and calendaring for programs that are released over time or will be seen at different points in your sales process, and then help you create a playbook that makes the process repeatable with each new prospect.

Buy-in & Education

On both the front and back end of your content creation process, getting your sales team involved is key to making sure what your marketing team creates is actually valuable to the sales team. Up front, learn what types of materials and content would really be helpful for them — an app versus a printed one-sheeter, detailed product benefits in addition to pre-packaged offers, etc. Once it’s created, a communications plan will help your team understand what’s available and how to access it and use it to always be closing.

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