Brands that Get It, COVID Commercials You Won’t Fast Forward

From hilarious to heartfelt, to a brand thanking customers for not using their services, COVID commercials have hit home. Literally. 

Like most people, we stream our shows. To be honest, it’s been a while since anyone has seen an actual commercial. But watching live news updates during quarantine has created a captive audience for ads. Many not only hold our attention, but make us (ugly) cry.

So the tribe gathered their favorites and shared why these spots resonated with them.

Walmart: Lean on Me

In the agency world so often what we see is staged, overproduced, edited and–bottom line–not real. This piece, however, delivers Walmart’s message of positivity and support so authentically with real people and employees contributing content. –Rachel S.

Dove | Courage is Beautiful

Very raw and real, it shows nurses and doctors working on the front lines and how courageous they truly are. The visuals really make me grateful for those men and women fighting this disease. –Maggie

A St. Patrick’s Day Message From Guinness

I’m not Irish, but something about the Irish culture of music and sentiments always touches me. I hear bagpipes and instant tears. This piece acknowledges that time is different with smart, yet subtle nods to their brand like “raise a glass of Guinness on St. Patty’s day.” But Guinness reinforces that what matters most is being with people you care about at home. –Rachel G.

Zillow: The Real Value of Home

Music is what grabs me right out of the gate. Their music choice for this spot is powerful. It’s one of those commercials you hear before you see. –Lance

Smirnoff: Hang out from Home

Simple, to the point with a twist of patriotism. –Eric

Netflix’s Spoiler Billboard

A funny approach to punishing those who decide to ignore the potential damage they can cause by continuing to gather in groups. – Max

Uber: Thank You For Not Riding

They do an excellent job of capturing the new normal while capturing our hearts. Their commercial also thanks us for not using them which is a selfless act for a brand to do in these times. – Denise

Popeyes: We are NOLA Strong

Being from Louisiana, this one put a smile on my face. Eating a bunch of fried chicken to help support a wonderful cause seems like a win-win to me. Well done, Popeyes! –Scott

Coor’s Light: Sports Re-runs

This is a great use of an existing commercial and introduces some levity about watching sports re-runs. – Jon

Jack Daniels – With Love, Jack

The Jack Daniels commercial really strikes at the heart of the world situation right now. It shows how people are all coping with social distancing and making due in their own ways to stay connected with family, friends and humanity. Delivering the point of view from within these individuals’ daily lives and homes makes it very real. Lastly, having the commercial wrapped in a classic 80’s song done on piano by just a regular guy connecting with someone he loves, that really is excellent packaging. – Arnold

Dunkin Heroes – We’ve Got Your Back

Dunkin. Quick, easy to understand message while keeping brand in focus. – Kevin

Tylenol Stay Home

This commercial is touching, hopeful and shows gratitude for healthcare workers. I also like that it’s not the same “we’re in this together” message that is being overly used and sometimes seems insincere. – Kate

Burger King Stay Home of the Whopper

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for the touching commercials of late always featuring somber piano music and heartfelt images of all of us staying connected through this time. This commercial is not that. It’s just Burger King being Burger King – purposely silly and a little bit dumb – which is great for a couple of reasons. For one, it feels way more authentic and beyond that – what’s more comforting than a little return to normalcy right now? I’m ready to live in a world with ridiculous commercials that make me laugh again. – Tim

Ohio Department of Health Mouse Traps

Reason: Because Science. I like how this commercial attempts to explain the biology of how fast viruses like SARS-COV-2 can spread in a simple, yet powerful analogy. – Brian

NFL Stay Home Stay Strong PSA

The NFL encourages their fans to stay strong and remain home until we overcome this pandemic as they emphasize the importance of spending time with family. – Cline

Budweiser One Team

Very clever use of sports team names to relate to our everyday heroes, and of course it gets you right in the feels. – Chris M

Grubhub Restaurants Are Our Family

This is the best one I’ve seen. I don’t watch much tv but this pops up on YouTube all the time and with a newborn, we definitely appreciate restaurants right now. – Brandon

Ford Built to Lend a Hand

Ford Lends a Hand is my favorite, because it reminds us that there have been challenges before. Now, this is our test and our time to shine. – Rich

Apple Creativity Goes On

Instead of just surviving the pandemic, Apple hits home with this spot and inspires us to not just live but thrive through this time with the help of creativity, human connection, and, of course, their products. – Drew

Tokyo Olympics NBC 2020 Date Change

Moving the Olympics was a huge change and the announcement of the change kept the athletes in focus, with a message of hope and a really smart use of font to change 2020 to 202ONE. – Annie

Bulleit Bourbon New Drinking Buddies

Fun and creative ad with a catchy beat playing; Being able to see faces in everyday objects shows that a kids imagination never leaves you. – Chris D

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