Are You Not Entertained?

If you are a B2B customer, tell me if this sounds familiar. A B2B brand tells its story in a way that is accurate, factual and detailed. That is because they are experts in themselves, their product or their service. They love to talk about themselves. But as a potential customer, you are left sleep walking through the details, with no emotional connection or interest. Next thing you know, you are drooling, doing the head-bob struggling to keep your eyes open. And just as Russell Crowe dramatically exclaims in The Gladiator “Are you not entertained?” after he defeats several enemies in the gladiator pit in front an unimpressed audience. And the answer to that question for many B2B customers is…no, I am not interested, not engaged, not entertained enough to pay attention. 

The reality is that you, as a B2B customer, are an everyday consumer. You watch football or tennis. You probably have seen Breakfast Club or Wedding Crashers or The Walking Dead. You rock out to Led Zeppelin or Nirvana or sway to Jimmy Buffet or dance to Katy Perry. And you probably enjoy playing your piano, painting, cooking or gardening (or all of the above!).

So you should expect better from your supplier and their marketing. They should interest you. They should connect with you. And if you, as a B2B customer, can find that supplier, you will be rewarded with not only a supplier that fits your needs, but a partner that cares about their relationship with you as a customer.

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re a B2B supplier thinking that your chrome needs a bit of polishing to keep your customers engaged? Our brand strategists can conjure the words, pictures, events, ideas and designs to do just that, with attention towards your particular style and flair. Let’s have a conversation, so that no one gets thrown to the lions needlessly.

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