And The Question Is…?

Happens all the time. Sitting in a meeting or a conference call and the questions immediately go to “What?”

What should we be doing in social media? What about video and mobile? What content should I put in my Digital Marketing Strategy? What, what, what?

We should not be so quick to join the 600 forces of Lord Cardigan on that fateful march into the Valley of Death. We should ask the question – “Why?”

The key is not to know what, but to know why. Once you understand that – your why, your purpose – you too can be the “Ambassador of Quan!” Thanks Rod Tidwell. Knowing your why not only helps you answer the question what, but it gives you many options on what. And oh by the way, those options will be much more effective when they have purpose. Knowing your why, knowing your purpose is key to determining what marketing tactics you will use. And that is the heart of Purpose Driven Marketing. 

For an example of the difference between what and why – and how impactful it can be – check out this video. Does your brand know its why?

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