Analog Magic

Vinyl may have peaked a bit before my time, but I can still recall browsing and listening to my dad’s collection back in the 80s. It was a nice little mix of Classic Rock, R&B, Pop and Soul. That was my first real exposure to music. It was unforgettable…the look, the feel, the sound and even the smell were all so unique. And let’s face it, music was so big back then…literally!

Most of the equipment was substantial, from the size of the albums to the heavy component stacks and speakers, giant headphones included. That entire vinyl musical experience was much different than our interaction with music today. Each music format that has followed has become less and less hands off. These days, for many of us, music is nothing more than an app on our smartphones.

We can even talk to our phone (or speaker), asking it to play a song/artist and within seconds we’re rocking out. This is mind blowing technology that offers incredibly easy access to a seemingly endless amount of music, but it has fundamentally altered the whole experience. That tactile element is now gone. People are starting to realize the real price of this technological convenience.

I think that’s part of the reason why we’ve seen vinyl make a mini comeback. It’s the same reason why some people are freaking out about Best Buy putting an end to their CD section. People don’t want to totally lose that physical connection to their music. Oftentimes, it’s the tactile feedback that creates the truly memorable experiences in our lives. The same principle can apply to your marketing mix.

Let’s use email as an example. Yes, when done correctly it can be extremely effective, but in a digital world, email has become the norm. Sometimes, in a digital world, you need to mix in a little bit of analog magic to stand out from the crowd and help connect to your audience on an entirely different level. It’s very easy to scroll past an email, but slightly harder to miss a thoughtful, customized, physical mailer.  So go on…put a little analog back into your mix!

And if you need some help with ideas, Yalo has you covered! We take pride in crafting the perfect mixtape for your marketing; a seamless blend of digital AND analog formats, to help your organization produce the results you are looking for.

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