Amplifying Human Connection Through Music aka Why Your Brand Should Rock

A lot has been written about the importance of music in branding. Whether it’s discovering a new favorite song in a commercial (“Pink Moon” in a VW ad), hearing a jingle that you sing over and over again for years despite never having set foot in the store (O-O-O-Oreilly’s!), or the sweeping score that adds even more melodrama to a heart wrenching spot (looking at you, multitude of P&G Olympics ads), music can make an otherwise forgettable visual last for years. 

Why? People connect with music in a way that eclipses most other ways of communication. There’s a reason earworms exist but not eyeworms (gross)—even the most annoying or mundane jingle can sit in your brain just as easily as your favorite song*. This has been proven again and again far beyond the marketing world and long before recorded sound.  

One of the earliest examples of music as a communication tool is opera. Beginning in the 1500s and (slowly) spreading across cultures and languages, opera managed storytelling through music in a way that didn’t require an understanding of Italian—only an understanding that a key change can indicate sadness or happiness, and that a whole story can be told without a single word. It was one of the first times that music was used to help bridge barriers between cultures—a phenomenon that continues to this day. Songs have since been used as rally cries, as protest vehicles, and ways to incite change and celebrate victories. 

A recent study by Harvard University found that no matter what genre a song is in, or what language the participant spoke, the psychological purpose of a song (is it meant to make you happy? Sad? Pump you up? Is it a lullaby?) can easily be identified through tonality, tempo and instrumentation. All societies put words to songs. All societies dance. In an economy that’s becoming increasingly global, music might be our best chance to transcend differences. 

Ok, back to the world of marketing. Like we said, music can make a huge impact on your brand. But did you know it can help even before a single ad is written, or concept is concepted, or strategy is…uh…strategized? Mention the word “music” and a tune probably starts playing in your head. Though this tune is different for everyone, it’s still made up of notes and rhythm that compose a universal language. How else could 100,000 people sing a song correctly and in tune from a band halfway around the world? In the world of marketing where “right” is never black and white, music provides an ideal medium to define a singular, unified direction. 

At Yalo we use music to help companies set the emotional compass of their brand before the heavy lift of designs, mock-ups, or mood boards are executed. In fact, we put music at the core of everything we do. Our tribe is encouraged to use music as a concepting tool, as a way of drumming up inspiration (pun completely intended) or as a way to relax when things get a little hectic. We’re even given a concert budget to see live music. 

Want to learn more about how music can help your brand? Just ask! And In case you’re wondering what our favorite song is these days, just press play below. (Though with a medium so dynamic and diverse as music, it changes all the time.)

*We’re not telling you to go out and write a jingle for your brand. Whether jingles actually drive sales is a whole other can of (ear)worms.

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