All Write, All Write, All Write. How To Get Higher Copywriting Engagement.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it FUN to read.” – Leo Burnett

With the constant demand for more quality content and the growing need for effective copywriting – one to attract visitors, the other to convert them to leads and customers – consistently producing powerful, high-quality copy is tough. As writers and content marketers, we are constantly looking for inspiration which is why we keep a swipe file. A swipe file is a collection of emails, ads, and other copy or content that you find memorable or performed well. 

Swipe right for our favorite fun and memorable copywriting examples to add to your file:

Get the cluck out of here! KFC UK’s mea culpa for its 2018 chicken shortage was a simple, genius three letters: FCK

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L’Oreal Paris’ print campaign focused on workplace gender equality. The result: Copy that reads, “This is an ad for men. Hire more women in leadership roles. We’re all worth it.”

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It’s all downhill from here. Snowbird Ski Resort curated negative reviews and turned them into clever advertisements. Challenge accepted!

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Ricola ran a series of ads with examples of how a misplaced cough could ruin the meaning of a sentence (and coughing in public now could ruin your life). Funny and slightly edgy yet simple and relatable.

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Fast cars love quick wit. Aspirational and humorous. At first glance, you read it and then you kinda sing it. Corvette is right… they don’t write songs about Volvos.


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Hey Rulebreakers… here are 3 rules for creating clear convertible copy:

1. Clarity & Cleverness. First and foremost, you want your audience to understand your copy. It’s fun to be funny, but first, you need to:

  • Make people understand 
  • Make people curious
  • Make people engage

2. Use conventional language. Writing that sounds like a person— especially when you use your customers’ voice — it’s easier to understand and believe.

3. Solve a problem. You can’t offer a solution if you don’t know the problem. Target your customers’ pain points and ease their pain.

  • Pain: Clearly lay out your customer’s pain point
  • Agitation: Shake it up by making it more emotional
  • Solution: Finally introduce the antidote to your customers’ pain

Follow these rules, keep a stacked swipe file, and you’ll be well on your way to creating clever, catchy, and concise copy. And if you hit writers block.. we are just a click away.

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