All Dressed Up

Despite our normal, relaxed attire of concert t-shirts, every once in a while, the Yalo Tribe will get gussied up and bring their style A-game. The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Marketing Gala is one such occasion. It is a very well executed event each year where marketers in Georgia gather to connect, discuss and earn some accolades for their creativity and hard work. This year the event was held again at the Cobb Energy Center and brought out some of the most talented folks in the profession. What also makes this event interesting is the confluence of both marketing and technology.

As you might imagine, a number of the attendees are from the Agency world. And on a daily basis, we all compete across Georgia for some of the very same clients. The really exciting thing about the Gala is that it brings all of us together for a night, unguarded and relaxed, to discuss as peers and colleagues. That information sharing and comradery is healthy for all, but it also fuels the fire for going back out there and competing the next day. This competitive fuel is what drives us all to be better, be more creative, never rest and continue to push the ideation envelope for our clients. We are fortunate to have such forward thinking colleagues here in Georgia that set a high bar. In turn, this results in better marketing for all of our clients, and really, the clients should be the real winners.

We at Yalo had the great fortune to have clients from ArcadiaJackson EMC and Veritiv as finalists for a variety of awards and in attendance with us for the Gala. They were excited and grateful to be recognized.

And Yalo even took home some hardware, winning TAG Digital Marketing Agency of the Year. The award is really a testament to our team and our focus on client success, hard work, and creativity. We were very delighted and proud of the honor.  So, you could say our award case got ‘dressed up’ some too.

As a marketing agency in Atlanta that people are watching, Yalo would be delighted to win another award by creating an absolutely fantastic campaign for your business! Full of ourselves? Nope, just optimistic about the synergy and accomplishment that comes when creative minds get together to take each other further down the road of Success. Contact us at your leisure and let’s see how we can work together for mutual benefit. We DO like to get dressed up once in a while, after all.

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