5 Keys to Scheduling Professional Growth

A three-part how-to blog for 2020 planning: Part 2

Earlier we talked about five considerations for identifying themes, goals and responsibilities for your personal content calendar.

You’ve (hopefully) honed in on your themes, made clear goals and put some parameters around accountability. Setting up a schedule is the next step. But I’d be preaching to the marketing choir if I said slating something onto your calendar goes far beyond the date and time. It requires a much higher-level point of view.

So, before you start color-coding your Google calendar with a timeline of what’s ahead, here are five key considerations to think through.

Create your schedule

  • Determine your cadence. 
    With your newly identified themes, skills and goals outlined, determine your cadence for these items. Will you pop into one networking event a month, or do you need more? How many articles on maketplace trends should you consume? Does a block of time for email responses and project tracking make sense? What does your professional content calendar look like for the month? How do your themes and goals line up for your calendar view? Creating a cadence gives you accountability to your new goals and a schedule to follow. And, it can always be reevaluated and adjusted.
  • Establish a workflow. 
    Establish a process to check progress and updates. In order to reach your goals, you need to create a workflow that fuels you toward your deadlines. There are dependencies in any timeline and schedule, make sure you note them as part of the process.
  • Build Your Library. 
    What resources do you rely on? Maybe there are new ones to explore. LinkedIn or Facebook Groups are a consideration. Influencers and thought leaders are as well. Build a library of assets and resources to help create your plan that tie back to professional goals.
  • Create more with less. 
    No one likes to reinvent the wheel. Outside of the documents and processes we use daily, google is your best friend for finding what you need. Research what you are looking for to create efficiencies in your planning. A likeminded person has probably shared something that you can copycat for your own purpose.
  • Set and celebrate milestones. 
    A little reward goes a long way. We all remember visiting the prize bin as a kid. And let’s be honest, grown ups need incentives to stay on course. Set clear deadlines with your new calendar to celebrate your milestones! Whether it’s new certifications, a 30-60-90 days analysis of campaigns or google analytic trends – milestones will give you a runway to reach your goals.

Keep in mind your schedule will look different from everyone else’s. It has to work for you. But don’t go too easy on yourself. Make sure it’s challenging enough to foster growth. 

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