2022 and Beyond: 5 Marketing Trends to Set Your Brand Up for Success

The marketing world moves at the speed of thought. And, in 2021, we saw just how quickly the marketing industry can evolve. Here are the top 5 Trends we are excited about for 2022. 

  1. Web 3.0 is Here and Rapidly Evolving Brand Marketing

Get on board or get left behind. Nothing in the past few decades is going to shake up consumer brand marketing and selling as much as Web 3.0. Brands that secure their place in the new 3.0 universe will be ahead of the curve since they are learning and participating as the landscape evolves. This new digital retail landscape will allow consumers to experience everything from trying on a new outfit, test-driving the latest luxury car, to being part of a brand’s community. All of these experiences are quickly becoming part of the new customer journey. 

  1. Social Selling Continues to Takeover

The most active social site for brands to sell is … Pinterest. Which goes against what other social sites want us to believe. The app allows users to curate and sell a lifestyle. With Gen Z becoming more active users for the app, the sky is the limit for brands on Pinterest. Why is this important? Pinterest still only ranks as the 14th most popular social media app. All marketers need to embrace social selling across multiple channels and apps to continue to engage with key customers and prospects when and where they are searching for your brand. From shoppable stories on Instagram to shoppable Pins on Pinterest, being able to purchase in app is just as crucial as the social influencers brands partner with. Ease of purchase and the social clout of purchase are equally important as social selling continues to take over the shopping experience. 

  1. Digital Native Brands Will Continue to Disrupt the Marketplace 

Supply chain issues aside, the true disruption in consumer brand marketing is the continued rise in digital native brands. With digital native brands growing almost three times as fast as traditional brands, all brands must have a digital first approach when engaging with consumers. Gone are the days of push-pull advertising and marketing programs. In addition to product innovation, Digital native brands are evolving marketing to include the use of social audio to drive engagement, augmented reality to experience a product, and customer service becoming a social first channel.  

Innovative packaging design by goopanic
  1. Disruptive Branding will be the Norm 

Jumbled words; messy layouts; unique spelling of names … all design choices that go against the grain. As brands look to stand out on shelf and online, disrupting the normal design tenets through strong creative expressions will be common in the next year. Stand out and sell out … that’s our slogan for the next few months. 

  1. Cohesive Multi-Touchpoint Customer Journeys are the Norm   

The old customer playbook is dead and should be buried in a time capsule for future generations to laugh at us about how smart we thought we were. Learning about and researching a product prior to and after purchase can be done in a car, at home in front of the TV, in store, or wherever consumers have access to a smart device. TikTok and OnlyFans are becoming two of the fastest growing sales channels for traditional brands. CPG marketing must begin to make cohesiveness the center of all campaigns to proactively share the right narrative, as well as mitigating any consumer issues. A great example of this is Fly By Jing – you really need to give it try!

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