When the show, absolutely, positively, must go on… go with virtual events!

Travel bans, NBA cancellations, and school closings. Oh my! 

As the outbreak of COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the world, business activity here is taking a hit. Employees are displaced or unable to work all-together.  Small businesses will be challenged to stay afloat and keep connected. Companies able to keep their lights on must be creative in finding new ways to maintain normalcy. 

What’s different about this outbreak in comparison to past recessions or government shutdowns is the ability to stay connected despite the mandated isolation. Social media and virtual meetings have been an option for a while now, but knowing what to say and how to use them the right way for your brand can be overwhelming.

As a digital & experiential marketing agency, we always look for unique ways to elevate brands and ideas. The current business situation has challenged us to think of new solutions to open up the lines of communication. It’s uncharted territory, but we believe the tools are available to make it happen. You just need to know what they are and how to put them together to solve your challenge. 

Before you pull out of trade shows or cancel events for the foreseeable future, let’s think through ways you might meet those in-person demands through virtual business methods. 

Virtual events.

Build an online audience with a virtual, but live event. A live-streamed keynote, live product launch, live Q&A session, networking channels, virtual happy hours, and even virtual concerts – virtual events can be all these and more. The experience can be translated digitally through video and an amped-up email campaign. Yalo has access to tools and channels for a robust virtual events solution to deliver a vibrant virtual experience and we can orchestrate the moving parts to engage and entertain your customers. We already have bands lined up to deliver virtual concerts for you and your customers. 

You’ve got mail.

If you want a touch-free engagement, branded swag bags are a tangible way to connect people with your brand. We’ve created solutions for custom, branded content that can (and should) also include a digital touchpoint. With people sitting at home surfing the web and their inbox, a thoughtful message campaign is actually something they have time to read and engage with right now. 

Get social.

During a time like this, users are looking for ways to connect and share valuable resources. What type of content are you sharing? How is it helping your followers? Do you have a POV that elevates your brand? There are brands gaining exposure now simply by how they are responding to this situation. 

Be contagious.

Remember, contagion is real, but it doesn’t just work for viruses. It works for a positive and hopeful attitude, inspirational words, and intellectual thoughts.  It works for honesty, generosity, and personable connections. For vibrancy, excitement, and engagement. 

As we navigate this time together, we continue to be amazed by how brands react both positively and surprisingly to this uncertainty. Is there a brand that has caught your attention? Are you looking to amp-up your virtual event or social game? Let us know how we can help.

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