What is Yalo Reading?

Summer usually brings some down time, but not for our team. Constantly in search of inspiration and learning new things, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite reads from the Summer.

  1. Startup: A Novel – Doree Shafrir
    Capturing the world of crack-of-dawn juice-fueled raves before work and debaucherous SXSW pilgrimages, while exposing our collective obsession with technology. Breezy & Easy!
  2. Living With A Seal – Jesse Itzler
    A buddy movie if it starred the Fresh Prince of Bel- Air…and Rambo – that ultimately shows you the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone!
  3. Awaken The Giant Within – Tony Robbins
    Not my guru, but definitely the guy that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny.
  4. Originals – Adam Grant
    How to reject conformity and improve the status quo by generating creative and original ideas. Make a difference being different!
  5. Shoe Dog – Phil Knight
    A true master – Phil Knight and his entrepreneurial journey of how he built his startup Nike into the global brand it is today. Just Read It!!
  6. #AskGaryVee – Gary Vaynerchuck
    The inspiring and unconventional entrepreneur who introduced us to the concept of crush it—knows how to get things done, have fun, and be massively successful. Google It Already!!
  7. The Power Of Broke – Daymond John
    Starting a business with limited resources is a competitive advantage, not a liability. Desperation breeds innovation!
  8. Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman
    A new way to look at the two cognitive systems that shape the judgments and decisions we make in our everyday lives. Are you judging me?

What made your reading list this summer?

We’d love to know and add it to our Fall list! Happy Reading!

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