Unbreakable WordPress: Digital Yalo + WP Engine. A Super Bowl Worthy Partnership!

WordPress is the most popular Web Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet.

Over 39% of the top ranked websites on the Internet run WordPress1. Our Corporate website runs on WordPress. We host our Virtual Events platform on WordPress. Many of our client websites are built on top of WordPress. Yalo has multiple clients hosting their brand websites and corporate websites on WordPress in WP Engine, currently over 50 websites.

Our Preferred Partner

There are MANY hosting options to consider when setting up a new WordPress site. We chose WP Engine as our Preferred Partner for hosting WordPress sites for a number of reasons.

Security, Reliability, & Stability

WP Engine provides an unprecedented level of checks and balances to ensure that customers’ WordPress environments are secure with multiple layers of security and redundancy built in. With automated daily site backups, extensive QA testing prior to releasing WordPress Core and plugin updates, and a well established backup and recovery process, WP Engine provides a robust and flexible platform for WordPress hosting.

The Global Edge Security functionality provides an additional layer of security, stability, and performance leveraging an integrated suite of Cloudflare services. This provides optimal performance tuning capabilities, protects against malware, Denial-of-service attacks, spam, and general attempts at hacking or compromising a WordPress site.

Incredible Customer Support

When I first joined Yalo in December 2019, I had never heard of WP Engine. I’ve been a long time user of WordPress and primarily hosted my own sites on various LAMP environments and know all too well the routine “tasks” that are required to properly maintain a secure and performant WordPress site. I have to admit I was skeptical of the “hosted WordPress” option. Nonetheless, I learned we had an existing customer on WP Engine that I was asked to help manage/maintain, so I jumped right in to assist.

They happened to already be on WP Engine, so that was my first exposure to the WP Engine Administration User Interface. With an intuitive and easy to navigate UI, I was able to quickly ramp up do everything needed to properly manage and maintain our client’s WordPress site .

A few months later I got a text in the late afternoon from our CEO, Arnold Huffman, informing me he had just received a phone call from a customer whose site had been hacked/compromised in a Zero-day WordPress exploit – that I would later come to find out – had literally just hit the Internet that same day.

Needless to say, I was super nervous and dropped everything to focus on getting our client’s site back up. After confirming the site was indeed down and unavailable, I logged into the WP Engine Administration UI and fired up my first Web support chat session.

I was BLOWN AWAY by the level of support I received from the WP Engine support team. In a matter of minutes, the support representative had confirmed the site issue, inspected the user and access logs, verified that we had backups in place to restore from, and identified the questionable plug-ins that were the attack vector.

The support rep quickly restored the last known backup of the site, updated the vulnerable plug-in, and in less than 20 minutes after first hearing about the issue, had our client site back up and running. WOW! I was so pleased to be able to call Arnold back and let him know we were good to go and that he could call the customer back with the good news! I thanked the WP Engine support rep profusely and went back to whatever I was working on prior to this “firedrill”.

In all my years working in IT/tech sector, I’ve never had that level of support from a software vendor. This was prior to our signing a partnership with WP Engine, and when our next client came on board and needed a hosting solution, based on the experience I described with our client above, WP Engine was (and is) my #1 recommendation.

Since then, I’ve put their support team through the motions, firing up support chats whenever I have an issue or need to help address a customer request or concern. We continue to grow and expand our footprint with WP Engine and have a growing list of clients and sites that benefit from our partnership with WP Engine.

It gives me peace of mind knowing that WP Engine Support is there 24/7/365 to meet our clients’ ongoing needs.

Sending MANY thanks to the entire WP Engine Support Team!

Yalo is a strategic agency partner of WP Engine, reach out to our team to learn more.

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